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Meet Our Doctors

Meet Our Doctors

Meet Dr. Jeffrey Rogers the premier family chiropractic corrective and wellness care providers in Rye, New Hampshire. We look forward to serving you!  Call – 603-964-1500

Dr. Jeffrey Rogers

Dr. Roger’s interest in Chiropractic started at a young age. As a child he underwent a surgery on his hips that had him in and out of the hospital and rehabilitation centers. This exposed him to the many downfalls of our medical community. When he was a teenager his father began to see a chiropractor regularly. Seeing the changes that Chiropractic made in his father’s quality of life he was interested in learning more. He signed up for a summer internship with his father’s chiropractor. That summer Dr. Rogers watched as the doctor adjusted the Patriots football team, along with many other patients. He was inspired to see health created simply by allowing the nervous system to do what it was built to do. To Dr. Rogers chiropractic is simple, “Almost anyone can improve with Chiropractic, removing subluxations gives the body the chance to operate at full potential, heal and self regulate.”

Dr. Rogers has been in practice for 15 years and is still as passionate as he was the day he graduated from Palmer College. He feels blessed to see miracles on a daily basis and continues to be in awe of the body’s incredible ability to heal itself. He feels that as a Doctor it is his job to teach the community about well being, not just get people out of pain. What makes him a “Wellness” chiropractor? “In our office we believe that wellness is a combination of three major components; an optimal functioning spine and nervous system, pure nutritional fuel, and exercise/movement that is physiologically compatible with health and wellness.” Dr. Rogers makes it his goal to take each and every patient to this level of wellness.

“We give each patient the information they need to achieve optimum health and I find great joy in the process! If we don’t tell the story who will?”