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What Causes Subluxation?

Physical forces are the most easily understood and most well known.

  • Falls, car accidents, other traumas are the most common.
  • Contact sports, too much exercise, too little exercise.
  • Twists, lifting, jolts, etc.

The force of these traumas will overcome the stabilizing work of muscles, ligaments and the natural tendency of the spine to remain in its proper position. Another physical trauma, which is not easily understood, is subliminal, constant trauma. The constant physical stress to which the body is daily subjected, which usually are imperceptible… More

Our Tips for Being and Staying Well

1. Exercise Regularly. Move it or Lose it!

We are bodies in motion and to remain healthy we need to keep moving! This does not mean you need to do anything overly strenuous. Start with a twenty-minute walk, this will keep your joints limber and also help your heart stay healthy.

2. Eat a Healthy Diet. We are what we eat!

Proper nutrients help your body to repair itself. Eat organic, unrefined foods and drink at least eight glasses of pure water every day. It has become easier to find healthy meat, produce and…More


Chiropractic in the Public Eye

So many celebrities, professional athletes and public figures choose Chiropractic as a way to stay healthy and vibrant. Every day we hear more and more of these folks going public with their belief in Chiropractic.

This week we wanted to share Dr. Phil’s thoughts on Chiropractic. Every day, millions of Americans tune in to the “Dr. Phil Show,” a nationally syndicated program hosted by clinical psychologist Phil McGraw. His popularity has skyrocketed since his introduction to America on…More


Gratitude: The quality of being thankful

What are you grateful for? How often do you think about this? Not only does gratitude make life seem more bearable and bring a smile to your face but it can actually make you a healthier person! Recent studies are showing physical health benefits surrounding the feeling of being grateful.

Robert A. Emmons is a leading researcher in the field of psychology of gratitude, professor at UC-Davis and author of four books on the subject. Together with Michael E. McCullough they have conducted a number of experimental studies in the field, here’s a summary of their findings:

Benefits of Gratitude; Grateful people — those who perceive gratitude as a permanent trait rather than a temporary state of mind — have an…More


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