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Learn the facts about Subluxation…

“The Silent Killer”!

 People start chiropractic care for many different reasons, however our primary goal is not simply to alleviate your pain or symptoms. Instead, we strive to ensure that your nervous system, which is your bodies “Information Superhighway”, is able to relay the vital nerve messages back and forth between your body and brain. This is very important if you want to be healthy because your nervous system, which is housed within the spine, controls and coordinates all the parts and functions of your body. Our initial focus is on detecting and correcting misalignments of the spine known as Vertebral Subluxations. Then through our Wellness education program we help our patients and their families learn how to maintain their spine and how to reach their true health potential. Our goal is to help our patients experience Optimal Health now and in the future!

What is Vertebral Subluxation?

Vertebral Subluxation results when your spine is shifted away from its normal healthy position and losses its ability properly move. This places pressure or stress on your nerve system and results in an interruption to the vital nerve messages that run your entire body; causing most of the unwanted health problems that people battle with every day. Physical, chemical, mental or even emotional stresses in your environment can overwhelm your body’s defenses. When environmental stresses are greater than your body is capable of adapting to – this will produce vertebral subluxation. Today’s lifestyle with its combination of various stresses can cause you to become ‘stressed out’! The resulting vertebral subluxations leave your body in a weakened state, which means you, are more likely to become ‘stressed out’! In essence, your body starts to shut down in self defense getting slower and sicker with every moment and your nervous system becomes more and more compromised.

How do we get Subluxated?

Subluxation is caused by stress to the body. On a large scale things like accidents, falls, atheletic injuries, and other trauma’s. On a smaller scale, bad posture, repeated movements that gradually wear down your body parts, emotional stress, and chronic tension.

Don’t feel any Subluxation?

Only 10% of your entire nerve system carries or perceives pain – this is simply your warning system. What happens when a persons warning system started going off at birth? That’s right – they get used to it! Up to 90% of your nervous system can be heavily stressed without sounding the alarms, whistles or warning bells. This is why vertebral subluxation is commonly referred to as the ‘silent killer’ because there are usually no early warning signs – or the warning signs are never related to being a problem with the spine. This is the reason your family members, including children and infants, and your friends and loved ones should be checked for subluxation.