Chiropractic Testimonials

"Let me first say that I approach all first-time experiences with a healthcare service with a healthy dose of cynicism. I have had my share of disappointing, frustrating, and downright pathetic experiences. I once asked the receptionist at a doctor's office whether or not I should at least receive the same courtesy, customer service ethic, and genuine concern for my satisfaction and comfort as I would receive at any automotive oil change business.

When I suddenly began to experience excruciating sciatic nerve pain, I was referred to Breakfast Hill Chiropractic and Dr. Jeffrey Rogers by my daughter-in-law. I could barely walk, sitting was extremely painful, I couldn't sleep, walking was a terrible struggle, and driving was outright torture.

Thankfully, I am thrilled and more than grateful to report that, after several adjustments with Dr. Rogers, I am virtually pain-free about 99% of the time! On top of that tremendous blessing, I must say that I cannot recall a more positive, sincere, and genuine environment and atmosphere than what I've consistently experienced at Breakfast Hill! So kind, so friendly, so genuinely committed to patient comfort and healing progress! I could not recommend more highly, visiting Breakfast Hill Chiropractic if you are experiencing any physical pain. Thank you so much, Breakfast Hill and Dr. Rogers!"

- Will M.

"I began my journey to health approximately one year ago with a very skeptical attitude. I was offered a free consultation and thought to myself “why not”? I was shocked to see how much subluxation I had at 54 years of age. It was no wonder that I was crawling out of bed like a 90 year old woman.

In that time, I have seen vast improvement in my health such as better overall sleep, very little acid reflux, less joint pain, greater flexibility, and just overall better health. The staff at Breakfast Hill Chiropractic are an amazing group of people. They go above and beyond the call of duty to assist their patients to a road of recovery and better health by taking the time to listen to them, offering free workshops; whatever it takes. I can never thank them enough."

– Valerie

"Chiropractic has helped me straighten out my spine and increased my energy levels. I have noticed less cold and flu symptoms this year (zero to be exact!) as compared to before I started at Breakfast Hill Chiropractic. I am also breathing better and haven’t had to use my rescue inhaler in over 6 months which has given me freedom I never thought I would have!"

– Bill

"It’s like the Mastercard commercial….PRICELESS! We have been under your care since you opened. You have helped relieve us of pain, heal injuries, break fevers, promote overall health and educate us nutritionally. I am happy to say that last year my children were so healthy they did not go to their pediatrician between their yearly check ups. Thanks to our weekly adjustments, taking the vitamins, OPC, and Omega III’s you provide us with, and following your healthy nutritional recomendations we are all very healthy. We are all active and your adjustments also keep our bodies prepared for optimal performance. I can’t imagine what our spines and overall health would be like if we hadn’t come under your care. Thank you for all you have done to improve our lives and health!"

— Cheryl

"I’m one of those guys who always believed that Chiropractic medicine was one of those things that once you started , you’ll always need it. While this is true, my reasons for believing this were WRONG! Once you start, it’s in your best interest to continue. How has Chiropractic changed my life? I feel healthier, my sleep is deeper and I feel rested. I used to get headaches in the morning, as soon as I woke up. (That’s a symptom by the way!) Well Guess what, no more headaches. My body is healing from within. Being adjusted weekly is just one of the highlights of my week and it only takes a moment."

— Bruce

"Back in August 2006 I had the pleasure of meeting the crew at Breakfast Hill Chiropractic at seacoast Harley Davidson’s open house. After talking to Dr. Jeff and his wife it sounded like they could help me with my back pain and numbness in my left leg. After a couple of weeks of three visit a week there was a huge difference in the pain and numbness. As time went by I was down to 2 visits a week and then down to 1. When I first started these treatments I had little faith that they were going to help but now after many years I would recommend Chiropractic to anyone that has joint pain and numbness. Like they say “The Power is On!”

— George

"I had stopped at a booth at the Fox Run Mall to ask questions about recent tests I had. I was having pain in my hip and shoulder. Disc Degeneration in my neck and hip also. It was interfering with my daily routine. Within two weeks I began to notice improvements and within a month felt like a new person. I was able to move my neck and head better and I was sleeping much easier at night. When I first came I was discouraged and wondered if I would ever start feeling better again. I am changing doctors and Dr. Rogers has given me hope and I know he is able to help me. It is a great feeling to be able to go forward. I only wish I had found Chiropractic sooner. That was the best mall shopping I have ever done!! God bless Dr. Jeff!!"

— Dede

"On June 3rd at the Rye by the Sea Race, Dr. Rogers provided me with a free spinal screening and posture analysis. Since the fall of 1998 I have experienced a constant, dull aching pain localized in my outer left hip. It has begun to interfere with my daily routines like: sleeping, driving my car, biking, running, sitting- you name it! After 1 month of adjustments I noticed significant improvement and an increase energy level, which resulted in stronger workouts and general awareness of body posture. I have and will continue to recommend chiropractic care to others. I am now aware of vertebral Subluxation and the consequences of letting this situation go uncorrected."

— Jon

"After my first treatment, I slept ALL night for the first time in 2 years. Had sweeter dreams that improved my waking attitude. Sweeter by the night. Next thing I noticed is that I’m walking differently, more balanced. By the end of the week, I had lost 6 lbs without changing anything else in my diet or activities. Right away I began to notice circulation in my face (blushing). Then the swollen eyelids disappeared along with the dark bags under them. Suddenly my super-sore and swollen hands began bending more freely, and I can see bones in my fingers and shape to my hands. They have been gnarly for over 3 years! The horrid shooting pain down my right arm that numbed up that hand has also ceased. It is uncanny how more relaxed and less anxious I feel in general. Other Changes: Driving to work at the same time over the same trail daily, things look different! Time has slowed down. The artist in me notes the shape of certain trees and their character. This is TIME in my mind again, where anxiety has been the most persistent occupant for too long. TIME, that wide open, think and feel space in my artistic mind has opened again. That had become disconnected at some point and now that very nerve has begun to communicate with my brain again this week. Hallujah! More: I sat at my computer 3 days ago and couldn’t read the screen with my glasses ON. HMMM. Removed them, and BINGO, clear picture. I can also read and see clear features on a face 8 feet away. Anything beyond arm’s reach has been blurry for years. Changes in light do not create as much of a problem now. I breathe deeper, too, without effort! No, add to all of the above, this lovely result: Absence of Depression! No desire to procrastinate. In fact, procrastination is the antithesis of desire. The absence of conflicting purposes is such a relief. Day Ten: Nine pounds lighter, I examined by body for changes to explain it with. Lookee!! I see how my toes also have shape and bones in them. Ankles, yes! knees, too! NO SWELLING or FAT ANKLES as usual. I can hardly believe it, how good it feels to have freedom of movement in my fingers. What a present!!"

— Ann

"Chiropractic was not what I expected when I went to the drugstore to buy my first inhaler for “Adult Onset Asthma”. I bought it but have never had to use it. I knew how poor my posture was and how I compensated. I always used a handrail to go upstairs for instance. I have been a brick mason for 38 years and have thought the compensation and “propping” I do when lifting heavy weights were smart and effective ways to avoid injury. There was not a good correlation between what I thought was healthy and what is healthy. Immediately after my first adjustment , I was able to sleep on my side with out my hip getting sore. Very soon I was able to turn in my seat to be able to see out of both sides of my rear window, I round that I can put my socks on while standing. Also the doctor adjusted my feet and my arches came back. I learned some exercises to limber my back up and to get stimulation and nutrition to the nerves. I drink 6 bottles of water, not liquid each day. Many days I don’t drink coffee and afternoon tiredness went away. If I’m tired I take a nap. When I cut out junk food snacks, I had to eat fresh food and more fruits. Doesn’t seems like actual eating. I feel very good. Thank You."

- Terry

"For many years I suffered from a stiff back. I was in my late teens and yet, it was hard to believe I was having back issues. During my years as an undergraduate I worked a summer job at a state run liquor store. The job mandated that I lift cases of wine and liquor all day (eight hours), five days a week. It took it’s toll on my back. At one point I suffered a back injury on the job. Now, at the age of twenty four, I have begun to seek chiropractic treatment. What I have come to learn is that it is never too late to begin treatment, nor too early. The results have been astounding. I have more mobility and flexibility. I feel as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulder. My body and mind feel healthier. I am glad I took initiative to see chiropractic care."

— Craig


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